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New Build Smart Wiring & NBN Package

Saturday, December 29th, 2018

If you or someone you know is building a home this year, this is the package you want. We get involved at the construction stage which will save you a lot compared to builders prices. It also ensures you are dealing with experts in Smart Wiring as it a core part of our day to day business. By getting involved while the house is under-construction we can lay the foundations in a cleaner, more efficient and cheaper way.

Smart Wiring Data Points

With our homes becoming increasingly connected to the internet and devices talking to each other more and more, a fast home or commercial network is ideal. Hills are industry leaders in providing central access points matched with quality cabling and workmanship makes our structured cabling packages hard to pass. Our smart wiring set-ups are compatible with all telcos and NBN, Broadband or cable internet.

TV Antenna & Points

Having only one TV in the lounge is so 1985…. right!? The norm these days is to have one the lounge, master, theatre and kids room. Future proofing your home saves you money in the long run. Match with a high-quality Australian Made Antenna with a 10-year warranty and you’re good to go! Or stay home and watch TV 🙂

Complete Package

  • NBN Conduit and wall cuts to conduit as needed
  • 6 x Data points for high speed wired networks
  • 4 x TV Antenna Points
  • 1 x Foxtel Point
  • 1 x Hill Lockup Hub
  • 1 x HD Aussie Antenna
  • 1 x 8-Port Rackmount Gigabit switch
  • Fully Installed with warranty
  • Qualified Technicians
  • High-quality equipment and workmanship

Competitors $2499
From Only $1899* fully installed

Need a custom system/quote?
No problem, contact us and we can create a package to suit!

To proceed please upload your plans via the contact form on this page.

Platinum Security Package

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Platinum Security Package

Our Platinum Security Package offers the highest level of protection at heavily a reduced price.

This security system provides complete coverage of your home and business by combining 4 powerful products:
Security Cameras
Internal Alarm System
Perimeter Alarm System
App Control Alarm via ComNav (get updates and control your alarm from your phone)

Security Cameras

Hikvision is the global leader when it comes to security cameras. We are WA’s biggest installer of Hikvision products, this is why we can offer such great prices. This system comes with 3 x 6MP HD security cameras that deliver crystal clear quality in the day and night.

Internal Alarm System

Hills are the safest and most widely used alarm system in Australia. This package has a 3 zone internal alarm system that is sufficient for 90% of homes. It also comes with an R8 Control panel that makes it easy to add more zones if needed.

Perimeter Alarm System

If you want protection while you’re home a perimeter alarm is needed. It works by adding sensors to doors and windows so if anybody tries to gain entry the alarm is triggered. It’s by far the most effective way to scare off anyone trying to get into an occupied house.

App Control Alarm

This system also has a Hills Reliance ComNav which allows you to control your alarm from anywhere via your smartphone. This removes the need for costly monitoring services, as well as giving you more control over the alarm when you’re not home. If the alarm is triggered you will automatically be notified, or if you forget to arm it on the way out you can easily open the app and arm or disarm it from anywhere. Combining a Perimeter alarm with a ComNav provides complete peace of mind.

If you’re interested please call us on (08) 6244 5188 or fill out the contact form on this page. Don’t forget to mention this special to get the best price.

Platinum Security Package

Security Cameras + Internal + Perimeter Alarm + App Controlled Alarm

    • 24/7 Notification straight to your phone
    • No ongoing costs or 3rd party services
    • Email Push Notifications
    • 1 x ComNav Ip Module
    • 1 x HILLS XR 8 Zone control panel
    • 1 x VoiceNav Lite Keypad (128 Zone Capable)
    • 3 x Infrared Detectors
    • 4 x Reed sensors to fixed entry doors
    • 2 x remotes
    • 1 x Battery Back-up
    • 1 x Internal Siren
    • 1 x External Siren
    • 5 year warranty
    • Instruction, User Manual & Stickers
    • No Contracts
    • 24 Hour Service
    • Monitoring Optional
    • Insurance Approved
    • Qualified Installers

CCTV System

  • Hilook 4CH PoE NVR
  • 3 x 6MP HD Day/Night HiLook Cameras
  • Networkable 3TB Hard Drive with PoE
  • 1 x 5m HDMI cord to TV
  • Training
  • 36 month parts warranty
  • Qualified Installers
  • Insurance Approved
  • Networkable
  • Easy to use


Usually $3699
From Only $3099* fully installed

Need a custom system/quote?
No problem, contact us and we can create an Alarm System to suit!

More Alarm info here