Home Security Tips: Tried and Tested Ways to Minimise the Risk of a Break-In

Perth is a modern city with a high quality of life and a relatively low crime rate, especially when compared to similar-sized cities in other developed nations. However, no city in the world is impervious to crime, so if you want to prevent your home or place of business from being broken into, you ought to take security seriously.

Most burglars look for easy stealing opportunities because the last thing they intend to do is get caught. They target houses that are frequently vacant or lack security enhancements such as alarms and CCTV security cameras in Perth. Plus, homes that offer a clear view of the interior can be magnets to criminals.

Unfortunately, basic Perth security systems aren’t enough to deter the most hardened and accomplished burglars from attempting to break an entry, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to prevent them from setting their sights on your house.

Here at The Installers, providing homeowners with the most advanced and sophisticated range of home security systems in Perth is just one of our specialities. We supply and install the latest selection of Perth alarms and CCTV security cameras to help you transform your property into a fortress, and all our products come with excellent warranties for your peace of mind.

As a company that genuinely cares about its customers, we’re always on the lookout for top home security tips that could help you avoid becoming a victim of burglary. Below, we’d like to share some of our latest tips with you so that you can continue to feel safe and secure at home as well as keep your possessions away from prying hands.

Seven Lesser-Known Home Security Tips

Admittedly, the chances of somebody breaking into your home are relatively slim, but you never know which property a criminal might target next. If you want your home to be an effective deterrent, you’ll benefit from taking the following tips on board.

  1. Store Your Valuables Carefully

All burglars know that valuables are likely to be stashed somewhere in every property, and they won’t be afraid to search for them by routing through the furnishings and storage items in your bedroom and living room. However, many criminals won’t go anywhere near your child’s bedroom, making it the perfect place to hide important documents and possessions that can’t hurt your youngster. Just remember to store items in high places, such as on top of the wardrobe, so that your kids can’t misplace them.

  1. Install Your Perth Security System Correctly

Large window and decorative glass may be integral elements of your home’s design, but if they make it easy for criminals to peer into your house, you might be unwittingly inviting them to scope out your belongings or identify your Perth security systems. It’s a good idea to limit the view inside your home from outside, and if that isn’t possible, make sure your Perth security alarm can’t be seen from the windows so that burglars can’t tell whether it’s set or not.

  1. Remove Your Mail Slot

In most cases, mail slots are installed against the wood grain of your door, which weakens its structural integrity and makes it easier for criminals to kick open. The best way to prevent this from happening is to buy a new door without a mail slot and use a mailbox instead. If you insist on having a mail slot, make sure it’s positioned near the bottom of your door, ideally no higher than a quarter of the way up.

  1. Leave Your Car Keys by the Side of Your Bed

You should never leave your vehicle keys on a stand next to your front door because doing so virtually invites burglars to drive away in your second most valuable asset. Instead, you should leave your keys by your bed, and if you hear any strange sounds during the night, you can press the “panic” button on your key (if it has one) to trigger your car’s alarm and send criminals fleeing into the night. While we’d love to catch burglars in the act so that justice could be served, it’s better to send them running than to have your home broken into.

  1. Create a Garden Barrier

Planting a few thorny shrubs, such as rosebushes, underneath your windows and around your garden’s perimeter may sound like a primitive security enhancement, but it is a highly effective one. Anything that makes breaking into your home look challenging will deter the vast majority of criminals, so the next time you landscape your garden, think about which plants could bolster your property’s security.

  1. Don’t Pack the Car the Night before Leaving

If you’re driving away to a holiday resort for the weekend with the family, you might be tempted to load your vehicle with luggage the night before departing. However, while this means you can perhaps gain an extra 10 minutes in bed in the morning, it also puts your possessions at risk. By all means, pack your suitcases the night before going on holiday, but leave the task of loading your car with luggage until just before you set off.

  1. Lower Your Telephone’s Volume

Landlines are becoming increasingly irrelevant in the modern world, but plenty of homeowners still have one. However, if your phone’s ringer can be heard from outside, it could give the fact that you’re not at home away to criminals. Instead of letting burglars know that your home is vacant, it’s best to unplug your landline while you’re away or lower its volume so that it can only be heard from inside.

Learn More about the Perth Security Systems That Can Protect Your Home

At The Installers, we want to help as many people as possible bolster their property’s security, which is why we stock a broad range of the latest security alarm systems and CCTV security cameras in Perth. If you have any questions about the tips detailed above or want to enquire about our advanced Perth security systems, don’t hesitate to give us a call on (08) 6244 5188.