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Digital TV Antennas Perth

The Installers is your top provider of Australian Made TV Antennas in Perth. If you want to go digital, now is the time. Our company offers high quality products and dependable services for your every need.  Whether you live in the city or in the bush, great signal reception is guaranteed every time. We even have excellent options for different types of budget.

Our company offers excellent packages made available especially for you. If you live in a highly industrialized area, our starter package will suffice. If your place has low signal, our family package is right for you. It has a signal booster that will resolve your TV reception problems. Go for our premium package if you want a 50-inch TV hang to go with your package. If you live in a place where signal reception is poor, get our country package instead. Whatever you choose, you can enjoy watching your favourite TV shows whenever you want. If you are only looking for a digital antenna upgrade, our packages start at $149.

Our team of installers are professional and friendly. They can help you decide or pick one that best suits your needs. Our specialists can correctly position and calibrate your antenna for the best results possible. They can even visit you wherever you may be in Western Australia. Whether you are in Byford, Chidlow, or Two Rocks, we can help you install your antenna. We promise you will be in time for your favourite show.

The Installers offers the best and most convenient antenna packages for your home entertainment needs. Our antenna is built to last and can withstand the harsh elements. Our service is remarkable and preferred by hundreds of residents in Western Australia. If you have a weak signal reception at home, do not settle for cheap antennas. Have The Installers provide you with high quality products and services.


Australian Made

Aussie Made HD Digital Log Antennas

We use Australian Made antennas that have been tested against our harshest elements. With Perth’s storms, wind and rain this does make a big difference.


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Antenna Packages

Black Arrow Antenna

Black Arrow Install/Replacement

1 x Hills Black Arrow Digital Antenna
Aussie Made
1 x lead in cable and splitter
1 x Tv tune

From only $249*

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Log Antenna Perth

Antenna Upgrade

1 x Aussie Made Hd Digital Antenna
1 x New lead in cable
1 x New Splitter
1 x Tv tune

From only $179*

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Log Antenna Perth

Booster and HD antenna

1 x Aussie Made Hd LOG Antenna
1 x 24 db Booster
1 x Galvanised Mount
1 x Tv Point

From only $350*

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Log Antenna Perth

3 Unit Builders Antenna Package

3 x Aussie Made Log Periodic Antennas
3 x Tin or Valley Mounts
3 x Lead in Cables
3 x Splitters

From only $687 $490*

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*Pricing subject to change without notice. All prices based on single storey standard homes. Prices can vary after property inspection.